Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Are we against Female Genital Mutilation or not? Part ii

One disturbing point on today’s (June 4) Queen’s Speech, this was a measure announced by Her Majesty:

Serious Crime Bill.

'A serious crime Bill wil be brought forward to tackle child neglect, disrupt serious organised crime and strengthen powers to seize the proceeds of crime.’

And according to the 105-page accompanying document, one of the things the Bill will attempt to do will be to:

‘Strengthen and update laws to protect vulnerable individuals at risk of child cruelty, sexual exploitation and female genital mutilation.’

This was all released the morning after Afusat Saliu was deported to Nigeria with her daughters, two and four-years-old, who face the very real threat of FGM from members of her own family. The Home Office was so proud of this deportation they refused to say at what time and which carrier was taking her back to Nigeria. This was done to avoid any further protests or disruption against her deportation, stymying the efforts of campaigners such as Anj Handa, who championed Ms Saliu's case so bravely.

Again I ask, is our government really against this abhorrent practice or not? Surely it’s not just a grim PR stunt. Or maybe just no one has told the Home Office as it blunders, with increasing callousness and incompetence, to try and hit an unachievable immigration target.

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