Thursday, 13 March 2014

Celebs take on HS2

Now I'm not saying I endorse the sentiments expressed by comedian John Bishop in the film above, but the HS2 Action Alliance have done a terrific job here; witty, nicely animated and with a whiff of nostalgia.

It's one of several anti-HS2 films which have appeared on YouTube, featuring actors and public figures who evidently personally feel strongly about the issue, and thankfully they don't all include Stanley Johnson. Below is the marvellous Geoffrey Palmer, in his familiar grumpy, hangdog, role, poetically pleading with the prime minister, asking what would it take for him to change his mind.

Of course, currently, HS2 is looking more likely to get the go-ahead at not but perhaps campaigners will have been given greater hope after Patrick McLoughlin admitted paving legislation would not get through the Houses of Parliament before the next general election. Supporters of HS2 believe the vast majority of MPs support the scheme but this backing has never been properly tested so it could be soft. And, given our uncertain political times, it wouldn't take much for MPs - or indeed one of the major parties - to switch sides and throw the high speed line back into doubt.

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